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I have been teaching at
Örebro university for over 25 years
My subject was Social Work
My dissertation for PhD

Scandinavian International University
I am developing distance courses together with PhD Lars-Eric Unesthål and assessing the students performances.

Ability-Based Learning at Alverno Collge
I have been there and I have written a book in Swedish about the way of teaching.


My books and papers

Unfortunatly it is all in Swedish

Links to Martinus

Martinus Institute, Denmark

The Third Testament

Since more than 25 years I have studied the Danish philosopher Martinus and even written a book about his ideas, in Swedish.


My firm:
Hellertz Education & Consultation

New Cosmic Paradigm

A book review of  "Martinus, Darwin and Intelligent design - A new theory of Evolution" by Ole Therkelsen published in Network Review No 106 2011


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