My Books and Articles

  You find my books and and articles here!

Most of the things I have written is in Swedish!
"Women´s Approaches to Knowledge and their
Learning Strategies?"

My Doctors Dissertation (Summary)

"Världslärare" eller "Falsk profet" 
A book about  Martinus

Unfortunatly only in Swedish, but you will find lots of information about his thoughts in following links: 

- Martinus Institute in Denmark
- Martinus Cosmologi in Facebook
- The Third Testament

His Books in English

You will find the whole dissertation here
- in Swedish

"Martinus - the man and his cosmology"
A short film on Youtube

New Cosmic Paradigm


"Personal Development through Mental Training" (PUMT)
book in swedish


"Ability-Based Learning"  
- book about the Alverno model 
- in Swedish


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